We build design-led brands to help people live better, happier lives.

Futurewagon is a platform for brand creation. Together with creative entrepreneurs, we are pioneering a collaborative approach to building the next-generation consumer products company.


They say, every company worth talking about has a story filled with unbelievable coincidences. Well, so does ours. Our founders, Saurabh Sharma & Alicia Souza met as a result of sending a cold email. How random! Soon after, they set out to create what is today one of India’s top gifting and stationery brands.

Since then, we’ve partnered with many creative entrepreneurs to build a porfolio of brands. We are the company behind some popular lifestyle brands like Happy Wagon, Coastal Habitat and Wildpaper.

Our unparalleled access to the creative community coupled with strong sourcing and product development capabilities makes us the go-to choice as a gifting and merchandise partner for corporates. 

As pioneers in Direct to consumer and house of brands led model, we’ve worked closely with the ecosystem and seen it evolve. We can confidently say that this decade will present unparalleled opportunities for this industry and we’re strongly positioned to go after them.

Also, In the short journey so far, we've been first hand witness to how brands can create a positive impact in the world around us! As a result, we've become strong believers in the fact that brands we build should not just delight customers but also be the catalysts for driving overall economic growth.

In hindsight, the way we named our company seems more apt than ever! Together, we are truly steering our wagon into a future full of possibilities!

Come aboard, say hello and join us on our ride!