We are a rapidly growing startup with a lot of learning and growth opportunities around DTC and the e-commerce ecosystem. We're always looking out for great people to work with. So don't worry if your specific role isn't listed below.

We believe that growth equals happiness. When a large organisation gets created, it truly has potential to become a positive change agent, ultimately bringing more good into the world. In summary, the only reason we exist is to touch and change peoples lives meaningfully with the work we do. Our purpose spans way beyond just profit. If all this resonates, then the only real prerequisite is that you are driven, creative and dedicated. Do write to us with a little note about yourself and why you think you could be the person we are missing in our team and we'll take it forward from there. :)

As a Brand Manager at Futurewagon, you'll take the helm of the website side of our operations, managing sales, planning, and product launches for several of our brands. Your mission is to ensure the consistent growth and representation of our brands online.

Key Responsibilities:

Website Management: Ensure our websites offer optimal user experience and are always updated with the latest products and brand messages.
Sales Strategy: Drive online sales by analyzing website metrics and optimizing conversion pathways.
Product Launches: Coordinate and oversee product launches, ensuring they align with brand messages and market demand.
Planning & Forecasting: Plan for inventory, sales promotions, and brand growth based on market trends and data insights.

Role Summary: As the Head of Marketing at Futurewagon, you will be the driving force behind our brand's growth across all channels. With a sharp focus on performance marketing, analytics, and insights, your mission will be to optimize our reach, engagement, and conversion.

Key Responsibilities:
Performance Marketing: Oversee and optimize paid media campaigns to ensure maximum ROI.
Data Analysis: Dive deep into metrics, deriving insights to inform strategies and decisions.
Growth Strategy: Drive the growth of all our brands, utilizing a comprehensive understanding of all marketing channels.
Team Leadership: Guide, mentor, and manage the marketing team to ensure cohesive and effective campaigns.

Role Summary
We are on the hunt for a Social Media - Content Creation Specialist who is ready to dive deep, revamp our social media channels, and adopt a data-driven strategy. You'll have the liberty to innovate, learn, and experiment, honing your craft and laying the foundation for a social media empire within our company. Your work will not just be about creating content; it will be about creating connections, engagement, and love for our brands.

Key Responsibilities
Content Mastery: Ideate, create, and execute compelling content tailored to each social media platform, ensuring it aligns with Futurewagon's brand voice and objectives.

Data-Driven Decisions: Regularly analyze content performance metrics, draw insights, and adapt strategies to optimize engagement and reach.

Engagement Architect: Foster genuine connections with our audience, driving engagement and nurturing brand loyalty.

Strategy & Planning: Develop a comprehensive content calendar, ensuring timely posts, and coordinating with company-wide campaigns or launches.

Experiment & Innovate: Try out new formats, platforms, and strategies, ensuring the brand stays ahead of social media trends.

Team Growth: With proven results and as our brand grows, you'll have the opportunity to build, nurture, and lead your social media team.

What We're Looking For

Experience: Previous work in social media content creation with demonstrated results.

Analytical Prowess: Ability to dissect analytics and transform numbers into narratives.

Creative Mindset: An eye for aesthetics, a knack for storytelling, and the ability to capture attention in the crowded world of social media.

Proactive Approach: An intrinsic motivation to stay updated with the latest social media trends, tools, and technologies.

Leadership Potential: As you grow with us, the capability to mentor, guide, and lead a team.

Growth Opportunities

Learn & Experiment: We provide an environment that encourages continuous learning and the chance to experiment with new ideas.

Lead: As Futurewagon and its social media presence expand, you'll have the chance to build and head the social media department.

Join Us If you're looking to make a profound impact, to build not just content but a community, and to shape the voice of a growing brand, we want you on board. With Futurewagon, you're not just joining a company; you're embarking on a journey.

As an Entrepreneur in Residence (EIR) at Futurewagon, you will play a pivotal role in shaping the future of our startup. Your entrepreneurial spirit and innovative mindset will be your driving force in this dynamic position. Here's what you can expect:

Key Responsibilities:

    Strategic Leadership: Collaborate with the founder and leadership team to develop and execute strategic initiatives across multiple business functions.
    Idea Generation: Bring fresh ideas and innovative perspectives to the table, identifying new growth opportunities and potential areas of disruption.
    Project Execution: Lead and manage key projects, working cross-functionally to drive their successful implementation.
    Market Research: Conduct market research and analysis to identify trends, competitive landscapes, and customer insights.
    Mentorship: Provide mentorship and guidance to internal teams, sharing your entrepreneurial expertise.
    Networking: Build and nurture valuable relationships with industry experts, partners, and potential collaborators.

Preferred Qualities:

    Entrepreneurial Spirit: A strong passion for entrepreneurship and a track record of innovation and creative problem-solving.
    Versatility: Ability to adapt and excel in a fast-paced, ever-changing startup environment.
    Strong Communication: Exceptional communication and presentation skills.
    Travel Availability: Willingness and flexibility to travel as needed to represent the brand and explore new opportunities.
    Proactive Mindset: Eagerness to take initiative and drive positive change.

What's In It For You?

    Competitive Compensation: A competitive salary package, including equity options.
    Entrepreneurial Environment: Immerse yourself in a culture that fosters innovation and embraces new ideas.
    Mentorship: Access to experienced founders and industry experts for personal and professional growth.
    Impactful Work: Be part of a team that is shaping the future of the digital landscape.
    Growth Opportunities: Opportunities for personal and career development in a high-growth startup.

If you are a visionary entrepreneur with a knack for making a difference and aspire to work at the forefront of the digital revolution, we invite you to join us at Futurewagon. Let's chart the path to the future together.

We are seeking a dynamic, versatile, and proactive individual to join our rapidly-growing team as the Founder's Office Manager. This role goes beyond traditional administrative functions, diving deep into the heart of our operations, culture, and brand outreach. If you have a flair for content, are savvy with data insights, and have an entrepreneurial spirit, this is your opportunity to shine.

Key Responsibilities:

    Administrative Excellence: Manage schedules, meetings, and communications for the founder’s office with impeccable detail and precision.
    Project Leadership: Initiate and oversee projects spanning HR, culture building, event planning, and more.
    Content & Communication: Play a pivotal role in our content initiatives, from podcasts to PR, showcasing your communication prowess.
    Data Analysis: Dive into data, extract meaningful insights, and present actionable strategies to the founder. Vendor, agency Relations & Procurement: Identify and collaborate with new agencies, vendors, assisting in identifying new partners.
    Versatility Across Verticals:Actively participate in sales, marketing, product development, analytics, finance, and HR projects.

    Preferred Qualities:

      Young, energetic, and ready to take on a dynamic role without a set routine.
      Strong inclination towards content creation and social media.
      Excellent communication skills.
      Ability to travel and represent the brand at various events.
      Eagerness to learn and adapt, with a proactive mindset.

    What's In It For You?

      Competitive Compensation: A rewarding salary complemented with benefits.
      Open Culture: A flat, transparent, and collaborative work environment.
      Founder Access: Work closely and directly with the people at the helm.
      Continouous Growth: Thrive in an environment that celebrates learning and growth.

    If startups ignite your passion, if you're zealous about innovation, and if you envision yourself as part of a team that's making genuine strides in the digital landscape, we're eager to hear from you. Together, let's drive the future with Futurewagon.

Working closely with the Head of Product Development, your role as the Product Development & Sourcing Executive will be instrumental in ensuring smooth day-to-day operations. From organizing events to coordinating product launches, your expertise will keep our product roadmap on track.

Key Responsibilities:

    Product Sourcing:Coordinate with suppliers and partners to ensure timely availability of products for launches.
    Calendar Management: Organize and manage the product development calendar, ensuring that all events, launches, and reorder timelines are met.
    Collabration: Work closely with the Head of Product Development, assisting in daily tasks and ensuring efficient workflows.
    Launch Coordination: Ensure that all product launches are executed seamlessly, with adequate stock and marketing support.

As our Creative Lead / VP of Design, you will be the artistic compass guiding Futurewagon's visual identity. Combining product design prowess with graphic design creativity, you will be at the forefront of all design undertakings, ensuring our brand resonates profoundly with our audience.

Key Responsibilities:

    Product Design: Craft intuitive, user-centric designs for our digital products, ensuring they align with our brand and offer an unparalleled user experience.
    Graphic Design: Conceive and execute captivating graphics for our marketing campaigns, websites, and social media channels.
    Brand Vision: Be the guardian and innovator of Futurewagon's visual identity, ensuring consistency while pushing the boundaries of design.
    Team Leadership: Inspire and guide a team of designers, fostering a culture of creativity, collaboration, and excellence.
    Stakeholder Collabration:Work closely with product managers, marketers, and developers to ensure design visions are realized in the final outputs.

    What We're Looking For

      Proven Experience: A strong portfolio showcasing your prowess in both product and graphic design.
      Innovative Mindset: A penchant for pushing design boundaries and staying ahead of trends.
      Technically Proficient: Expertise in design tools such as Sketch, Figma, Adobe Creative Suite, and others.
      Collaborative Spirit: Ability to work seamlessly with various departments, translating ideas into tangible designs.
      Leadership Skills: Experience in guiding and mentoring design teams, driving projects from conception to completion.

    Join Us If you're a design maven eager to make a mark, to shape the visual voice of an evolving brand, and to lead a dynamic


The openings are all based in Bangalore. The team is a bunch of amazing people. You’re guaranteed to be in love and learn from every single one of them. In order to help us with fast tracking the process, please do mention your desired or current remuneration.

E-Mail: hr@futurewagon.com